Impressive Outfits Ideas To Wear This Fall24
Impressive Outfits Ideas To Wear This Fall24

30+ Impressive Outfits Ideas To Wear This Fall

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Here’s one problem that most women face when they’re about to go out with a hot guy: what to wear. Why is this an issue? Women in general think that they will get judged by the way they dress. They also want to give the best first impression possible. For these reasons, women agonize over their choice of clothes and accessories for hours before deciding on one outfit that best represents their true personality and good taste.

Here are some questions you need to ask yourself before deciding which outfit to wear.

1. Is this outfit appropriate for what he has planned?

The best clothes you own may not be completely suited for the kind of date he has in mind. The best way to avoid sticking out like a sore thumb is to make sure that you understand where he’s taking you.

For instance, the sporty look will look great if you’re going for a beach stroll, but not if you’re having dinner in a fancy restaurant. A romantic trip to a nearby city means you will be walking around town taking in the sights, so your shoes must be comfortable.

2. Am I wearing too many accessories?

You’re not showing good taste if you adorn yourself with too many accent pieces. On one hand, your date will know about your flamboyant side. On the other hand, he will be too overwhelmed and distracted by your dazzling accessories to concentrate on YOU.

Pick out one piece of jewellery to wear and make sure it’s something that he will be curious about. For instance, if you love dolphins and you have a pair of dolphin-shaped earrings, wear that on your date to pique his curiosity. Also, if your handbag is flamboyant enough, you don’t have to wear more jewellery.

Make your accessories the focal point of your outfit, which means you can wear your flashy ones to highlight your best assets. Wear a colourful necklace when you’re wearing an earth-toned or black blouse to call attention to your neck and bosom. Wear bangles to emphasize the smoothness of your arms.

3. Is my outfit too revealing?

The secret to making men go ga-ga over you on your date is this: be hard to get, but feed his imagination.

This means you don’t have to wear something that shows off your cleavage to make his heart skip a beat as soon as he sees you. Wear something that fits your form. Nothing fires up his imagination more than the silhouette of your body. If your clothes fit you perfectly, he will keep the mental image of your silhouette all throughout your date. His imagination will do the rest.

If you show too much skin, he will feel embarrassed just looking at you. Moreover, he will be acutely aware of the attention you’re getting from other men in the vicinity. One friend once confided that he had no choice but to bring his date home early because she looked too slutty to bring anywhere. Your guy might not be the type to mind what others say, but any guy would feel slightly humiliated if his date got leered at in his presence because of her outfit.

4. Am I wearing too much make up?

Men love girls who take care of themselves, but they hate it when they have to endure the sight of lipstick on your teeth all throughout your date. Keep your make up to a minimum to avoid accidentally smearing his clothes with all the gook on your face when you cuddle, or hug passionately while watching a scary movie. Avoid brightly coloured nail polish and lip stick if the rest of your outfit is flamboyant enough.

5. Wear perfume sparingly.

There are ‘perfume hot spots’ all over your body and it is recommended that you spray perfume on these alone. These spots include the sensitive skin behind your ear and your wrist. He will smell the perfume on your wrist when you hold his face or you tousle his hair. The same thing happens when he cuddles you from behind and whispers in your ear.

The idea is to surprise him with your scent only when the mood is romantic. Intimate gestures like cuddling or touching his face lightly are sexy, and so the scent on your skin must add to his excitement, not overpower him.

Your clothes and accessories during your date must entice without distracting your guy too much. You can leave a great impression without going overboard, just by wearing an outfit that’s appropriate for the occasion and tasteful enough to make him think you have the best taste in clothes.

Finally, make sure your outfit tells a lot about who you are. Wear something that best represents your personality to make him remember you even after your date.