Captivating Men Outfits Ideas With Jogger Pants12
Captivating Men Outfits Ideas With Jogger Pants12

30+ Captivating Men Outfits Ideas With Jogger Pants

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For walkers and joggers who don’t want to carry a self defense product in their hands or have the added weight of the Hot Walker dumbbells, the Mace Brand Pepper Gard Defense Spray is an ideal alternative. A belt clip holds the unit securely in place on the band of jogging shorts or pants making the product available for quick access. This model features a flip-top safety cap, finger grip dispenser and a key chain you can use when not using the belt clip. The seventeen gram unit sprays from eight to twelve feet and contains ten one-second bursts of spray. All it takes to stop an attacker is one burst so this product can be used repeatedly.

Pepper Gard now comes in a “Hot Pink” model as well as red and contains UV dye. When an attacker is sprayed with pepper spray, his eyes are immediately forced closed and he doubles over in a fit of uncontrollable coughing. Even if he could force his eyes open, pepper spray temporarily blinds the perpetrator preventing further attack and allowing you time to run to safety and call for help. The UV dye marks the assailant, with the dye remaining on the skin for up to a week. This marking helps with identification; making it more probable this guy will be taken off the street.

Walkers and Joggers are twice as likely to be attacked as other segments of the population. Just wearing a brightly colored self defense spray helps to prevent an attack in the first place. Seeing this product on you will make an attacker think twice before striking.

Crime prevention is the key so empower yourself to be safe when out exercising by following these tips:
• Be aware of your surroundings, always keep an eye out for anything or anyone who looks suspicious
• Walk/jog with a partner or group
• Walk/jog in daylight
• Let someone know your route, when you leave, and how long you plan to be gone
• Vary your walking/jogging routes so you do not establish a pattern
• If listening to music, keep one ear open so you can hear anyone approaching
• Always carry some type of self defense product, especially if you must walk/jog alone or when it is dark

Another danger walkers and joggers face is being attacked by a dog. Pepper spray works effectively on animals without causing any permanent harm. Arm yourself and be prepared.