Hottest Long And Curly Hair Ideas For You30
Hottest Long And Curly Hair Ideas For You30

20+ Hottest Long And Curly Hair Ideas For You

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A long mane looks really astonishing and beautiful on women, even though maintaining it is really difficult task. If you are one of those to desire a beautiful and shining long flowing hairstyle or among those looking for maintaining them, read the following processes for long curly hairstyle.

– While in shower, detangle the knots slowly. Do this whenever you wet hair.

– Use enzyme rich hair spray for hair bounce and to maintain hair curls.

– Never tie the hair too tightly as they tend to break. Keep it open or use a little clutcher, and use fingers to comb hair backwards.

– Do not shampoo daily and use enriching conditioners. Conditioners provide the long curly hairstyle more moisture for them to retain the shape. Depending on the hair texture, buy shampoo. Conditioners smoothens tough hair textures.

– When free, twirl a bunch of hair with fingers. You might have noticed several girls doing it unconditionally. The act helps the front curls keep in shape.

– After bath, apply a combination of anti-frizz gels and leave- in conditioners. It gives smooth curls after drying.

– Also, after drying hair fully, use serum to keep the curls soft and shining. One can also use ‘shine glaze’ solutions.

– In long curly hairstyle, never blow dry the hair fully: just enough for initial wetness and then left to dry naturally. Continuous blow drying ruins the curls.

– To sex up the curls, supposedly for any parties or get together, use hot rollers for some parts of hair with a setting spray. Remove the rollers after 3-4 minutes and add shine spray. For natural look, just comb loosely only with wide-toothed comb.

These and many other ways are available to get the perfect long curly hairstyle. Before buying any hair product, make sure to check the contents. Most products contain chemicals and some of you may be allergic to them.