Vintage Summer Outfits Ideas That You Must Try Nowaday20
Vintage Summer Outfits Ideas That You Must Try Nowaday20

30+ Vintage Summer Outfits Ideas That You Must Try Nowaday

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It is easy to see how this book captured the imagination of movie makers and threatre directors alike, all were inspired to make The Great Gatsby a reality on the movie screen.

The era itself had so many ideas and conflicting contrasts to chose from, mainly the extreme contrast between rich and poor in the 20s.

With Leo Dicaprio taking the starring role in the forthcoming new movie, we can imagine the extravagant sets, showing us the most lavish lifestyle of the 20s. It is hard to imagine how one can top the original adaptation of the book, made in the 70s.

It tells the story of a poor boy who made it rich by bootlegging, coming back to high society and trying to win back his young love, Daisy, the waif like creature played by Mia Farrow. It is a story of love lost that everyone likes to enjoy.. The glitz and glamour of the roaring twenties was illustrated perfectly in the 70s version. The movie itself was a homage to fashion designs, all of the era’s style was displayed by the arrays of 20s flapper gowns. From Daisy’s dresses to those of the extra’s, all were carefully designed with a multitude of spring and summer blossom colours. Either watercolour prints or carefully laced, they were all there to leave a lasting impression to the viewer. Colours were the main characters of the movie. Amber, burnt orange, green tea, tangerine, peach, blushing pinks, aquamarine blue. Seas of colours in soft hues, harmoniously going from one character’s dress to another.

The elegant Jay Gatsby was ironically being looked down on by Daisy’s husband, the upper crust, yet tasteless socialite. Jay had climbed to the crème de la crème, with elegance and style, his parties had become synonymous with glamour, where the rich and famous clamoured to be seen. At his parties, there was always an unlimited amount of the finest beaded flapper dresses.

In reality, we can imitate the 20s flapper style with ease. For a casual day wear look, find yourself a dress with a straight cut, preferably made of thin material like silk, rayon, or jersey. The most important factor is the colour, choose soft, floral hues for an memorable outfit. For an elegant evening look, a full-on totally beaded dress may be a bit dated, but you could opt for something with either a beaded neckline and simply flowing skirt, or a simpler version of a beaded flapper dress. The most important thing is the silhouette, keep it short and boxy, to be in line with the 20s look. Team it with some tattoo stockings, this season’s hottest fashion, then you will add that extra modern flair to that vintage inspired outfit.