Adorable Long Dresses Wedding Ideas For Guest42
Adorable Long Dresses Wedding Ideas For Guest42

20+ Adorable Long Dresses Wedding Ideas For Guest

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One of the major challenges when attending a wedding function is choosing what to wear. Some people use this opportunity to dress up but there are some who just prefer casual wear. Nevertheless, a wedding is a special function, thus you should wear appropriate attire which matches with the tone of the wedding.

Below are some tips on how to choose suitable outfits.

1. Check for clues from wedding invitation

Some wedding invitations come with recommended attire for guests, like black-tie, black-tie optional, white tie or formal dress. Then, you can just dress up accordingly without worries. However, if the dress code is not stated in the invitation, then you can either ask the host or guess based on the design of the invitation. If it has colorful wordings with fancy design, then you can go for casual attire. Otherwise, if you are still uncertain, then just wear formal attire for the wedding.

Location of the wedding function is a good clue for the right dress. If the wedding is being held in a house of worship, then you need to find out whether you need a wrap to cover your head, arms or shoulders. For any outdoor weddings, generally they require an informal dress code. If it is to take place at a beach resort, you need to get ready with beach wears or a fancy dress.

Check for the time of the wedding. If it is a daytime wedding, generally, you can select light-colored dress while darker or black colored dresses are more suitable for evening wedding function.

2. Basic wedding outfit etiquette

In general, you should not wear in a way that can outperform the wedding couples. However, you still need to dress up your best in order to not upset your host. Do not try to wear sandals, sneakers or shorts even though it is an informal wedding function. As for color of your dress, white is not encouraged as it is reserved for the bride, while black is more suitable for evening wedding function.

You are allowed to wear some accessories or jewelry to go together with your dress, particularly during evening wedding function, examples, wrap, pearl drop earrings and diamonds. Shoes, purses and bags are some of the good outfits that you can consider for a wedding celebration.

Choosing the right wedding outfits should not be difficult as long as you can stick with the wedding etiquette and be cheerful in the celebration. After all, you are supposed to celebrate the wedding couples with honor and respect.